Have you seen one of these animals in or around your house?

  • Rats
    Rats may be an unseen problem, but they are one that can cause serious damage. Having rats in your home or on your property can lead to everything from irritating noises to foul odors to the risk of disease. That is why you need the professional help from our wildlife removal experts.
  • Mice
    Mice may be small, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the damage that they can cause. Mice in and around your home can chew on wood, leave droppings, and even ruin wires. If you have noticed the signs that they exist, our professional animal removal specialists can help solve the problem for good.
  • Raccoons
    Think you have raccoons in your home or around your property? Let our team come up with an effective and humane solution to remove them safely. Let the professionals handle it for you!
  • Squirrels
    We know the damage that squirrels can do such as damage insulation, chew wiring, create holes in fascia, soffits, vents, and roofs.  We always provide free estimates!
  • Skunks
    From their distinct odor to the holes they create, skunks are more than just an annoyance. If you have noticed them in or around your home, we encourage you to contact Critter Control of San Diego as soon as possible. We offer safe, humane, and effective removal services, as well as long-term preventative methods.
  • Bats
    Bats can be very beneficial to the ecosystem but they can cause serious health concerns and property damage. Bats commonly carry Bat Bugs and other harmful parasites.Call Critter Control for a FREE inspection today!
  • Snakes
    Snakes can be beneficial around your home and can keep down rodent populations but no one wants a snake to enter a home. Call Critter Control to permanently remove and seal your home.
  • Opossum
    Have opossum taken up residence around your home? These destructive house guests leave droppings around their dens to deter predators with its foul smell, leading to serious property damage. Contact us today and our team can work with you to remove opossum, freshen up the space, and prevent them from returning.

San Diego’s Humane Animal Removal Specialists

Since 1986, Critter Control has been providing effective and humane wildlife control methods. Critter Control Strives to be the most humane and animal friendly wildlife company in California. We use innovated removal techniques that reduce animal stress and provide long-term solutions to keep animals out of your home. Our team of Wildlife Biologists and Wildlife Service Specialists strive to protect people, property, and wildlife. Our trained Wildlife Specialists will work to provide a specific solution to best serve each of our client's needs.


Animal Removal

There are multiple ways to handle each wildlife infestation.  Call us today to have a Certified Wildlife Specialist come to your home for an inspection. We will help determine the most effective, efficient, and humane way to remove nuisance wildlife from your home.

Remediation & Decontamination 

The animal has been removed from your home, but what about the mess they left behind? Most wildlife use the attic or crawlspace as their latrine, damaging the space. If untreated, this can lead to health hazards, stains, and unnecessary odors. Leave the dirty work to us with our sanitation services.

Prevention Services 

Excluding wildlife from an area that is being damaged can be the best approach to long term wildlife control. We locate all points of animal entry and implement repair and exclusion techniques to keep critters out.

Pheromones & Deodorization

Urine & droppings left behind by animals will also attract other animals. Our decontamination and deodorization not only sanitizes but helps remove problematic scent markers.  This process is imperative to help provide a lifetime of protection to your home.

Ethical Removal Services

We are proud to feature CritterSafe Integrated pest management practices. Our humane and ethical options for wildlife control, removal and prevention in San Diego helps to minimize the stress on the critters that we trap and remove while preserving their role in the local ecosystem.

Free Inspections

Knowing what your options are before you make a decision is an important part of any pest control decision. We offer free consultations in our immediate service area to give you options before commiting. Call to see if you apply! 

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About Our Company

About Critter Control of San Diego

Your Animal & Nuisance Wildlife Removal Experts

Critter Control of San Diego is a full-service animal removal and animal damage repair company. Locally owned and operated, we handle the removal of wild animals in homes throughout San Diego as well as surrounding cities like National City, Chula Vista & La Mesa.

Since 1983, Critter Control has been the trusted name in animal and wildlife removal, utilizing the safest and most effective methods.

Always Safe. Always Effective.

Critter Control’s methods are always safe without compromising effectiveness. Our fully licensed removal technicians don’t kill the animal with the exception of rats and mice, which we have to kill by law. All animals that we trap are relocated to an appropriate area away from your home. We do not use poison due to the negative health effects this can have on you and your family, as well as the often ineffective nature of this method.


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